Our Vision

Fostering Spiritual Growth & Community

Our Impact

An inclusive, welcoming space for spiritual growth and community engagement.

The St. Barnabas Center of Kutztown is a center for spiritual growth and community engagement for people of all ages, all faiths and all identities.

The St. Barnabas Center of Kutztown

What we do

At the St. Barnabas Center in Kutztown, we offer inclusive events and programs that promote spiritual growth and community engagement for all individuals.

Spiritual Inquiry and Development

The center provides opportunities for practicing Episcopalians to worship and engage in religious activities.

The center is a welcoming and inclusive environment for the non-religious folks to explore and learn about faith.

Activities Centered on Growth

The activities at the center range from social events to educational and volunteer opportunities, and help to foster a sense of community and connection among Kutztown residents.

Repurposed to Benefit the Community

By repurposing the former parish as a center for the community, we’re utilizing an existing building and space. This helps reduce the need for new construction and associated costs, while also providing a gathering place for local residents.

Internship Programs

We work with Kutztown University to help students gain work experience for their internship requirements.

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